Web Design & Development

We do initial business analytics and create architecture of the future product. 
Website Wire-framing We create detailed structure of the website in order to cover all user stories and details involved in your business plan.
Web design: Every project is unique, that is why we do our research to make perfect user interface design and the best user experience for you as a client.
Mobile friendly website development:  We turn our designed prototype into the final product that your users will love, and make it easily accessible with any device.
E-Commerce website development:  We also provide  E-Commerce web solutions that will maximize your sales.
Content creation:  Don’t worry about the content. We’ll create a completely finished website, without leaving any stones unturned.

Web Maintainance

Forget the hassle of having to actively manage and update your website! We will make sure your website is up to date with the latest cutting-edge features and content!
Let us maintain and update your website for you periodically, with updates, changes, and tune ups. We are at your service. 

Customized Logo

Are you starting a business?! Let us customize your Logo to fit your business idea...
All we need from you is a business name,  your company/business description, description of your style via icons, fonts, and colors. Sit back and let us create magic for you.

Social Media Management

Let us manage your social media accounts. create traffic and and help you build your account with the best SEO..

A&R / Talent Management

The responsibility of an A&R (short for artist and repertoire) is to be involved from start to finish—beginning with talent discovery and signing, through the creation of the music, to the marketing and promotion. Specific tasks can include bringing talent to a record label, arranging recording sessions, and serving as a conduit between artists, producers, and other creatives.

As technological advances have continued in the past decade, changing the way people consume and discover music, the industry has been forced to enter its digital era at last. The Internet has shown us time and time again that any artist can be propelled into virality through social media platforms like Instagram, TikTok and Twitter.

360 Photobooth Experience


Our 360-degree video booth allows your guests to create a cool 360° video that makes them the center of the universe. Guests stand on our platform with an iPad Pro mounted to a rotating arm that captures your guests in 360-degree slow motion.
   • All we need is a 10ft x 10ft footprint and we’ll take care of the rest! Two attendants are included to assist guests with getting on and off the platform as well as helping them SHARE AND CREATE amazing new content!
  STEP 1 Guests step on our HYE 360 platform and are guided by our energetic on-site attendant on what to do for the best video capture.

  STEP 2 Our high-quality camera will rotate around the guests capturing
every move for the perfect experience.

  STEP 3 We edit the video speed, add fx, and add your personalized overlay to your final capture.

  STEP 4 Guests will have access to the personalized Online Gallery to download and share their video capture via email, SMS, or Airdrop (iPhone). The video can then be uploaded to theIr favorite social media platform with ease.

  • INCLUDED ENHANCEMENTS BRANDED DESIGNS Keep your message consistent with our full branding capabilities. Branded video overlay, and add custom text to the email. LIVE TEXTING 💬 Guests are able to text their experiences to themselves instantly! • Prop money-Gun 💸available on demand.